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Less likely to begin using illegal drugs

Less likely to begin using alcohol

Big Brother and Big Sister volunteers provide children and youth – our “Littles” individualized time and attention on a regular basis, typically 4 times a month, for two to three hours.

During unstructured weekly or bi-weekly outings, filled with conversations and shared activities, they develop a relationship that helps youth manage the everyday challenges that are part of “growing up.”

During the time with their Big, children gain new skills, explore new interests and test behaviors that expand their experience base beyond their family or neighborhood.

Being a part of this program also allows you to take part in our Big/Little Outings and also our 2 FOR 1 PROGRAM!

Our outings are free of charge and offer an opportunity for matches to get together to form a connection with one another. The 2 FOR 1 program is complementary of businesses in our town! When out with your little strengthening your 1 to 1 relationship, you are able to go into the participating businesses and receive discounted or free services  for your Little. Places such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Bonanza Freeze, The Museum of Mining, The YMCA and many more generously take part in this program!


Less likely to skip school


Volunteers offer children and youth individualized time and attention on a consistent basis, with the venue being the child’s school. Teachers and school counselors identify those children who can most benefit from an extra caring adult in their lives. Volunteers and children meet regularly every week during the school year utilizing the resources available within the school: computer labs, the library, the gym, a classroom, or the schoolyard.

During the summer, they may exchange letters, email messages or phone calls. matches may move to become Community-Based Matches so they can meet more regularly.

Whether they play board games, or read the newspaper together, their relationship promotes a positive school experience for the child: good attendance, positive peer and adult relationships, a positive attitude, and academic enrichment. As their friendship evolves over time, volunteers and children discover ways to make school and learning fun. When matches continue from one school year to the next, volunteers experience the satisfaction of watching their Littles achieve success in school.

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